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This registration page is for our  Singapore and International customer (except Taiwan) 


If you are our  Taiwan  customer, please register through this link:

SWANZ KOKORO Thermal Flask (SY-088/ SY-089)
Warranty registration
  • Customer must complete online registration within 10 days upon shipping. 
  • Consumers must fill out the warranty registration accurately
  • The warranty only covers the loss of vacuum insulation and one time replacement of porcelain interior within the warranty period (180 days).
  • After the 180-day warranty, a fee of $20 will be charged for the replacement of the porcelain.
  • Local customer can choose either to send the thermal flask to our Singapore service center located at 194 Pandan Loop #04-19 and pick it up when it is ready (will inform when to do the pickup) 
  • Another alternatives is, we will arrange courier to pick up and send it back at a charge of $18SGD 
  • Please email us at first to arrange the timing before dropping by. Sorry, we don't take any walk-ins.
  • It will take approximately 2-4 weeks for repair and delivery (depends on customer location)
  • Wear and tear in product accessories (other than the thermal flask), example:  easy-clean silicone, straws, bags, etc are normal and not covered by the warranty
  • SWANZ reserved the right to change the policy.
  • Our warranty period is 180 days from the date of registration. However, consumers must complete online registration within 10 days from the date of receiving the product. (After 180 Days, fee of $20 will be imposed for porcelain replacement. )
  • If the registration is not completed in 10 days after the signing date, we reserve the rights to refuse warranty registration and warranty claim.
  • The warranty registration must be registered on the official website. 
  • This warranty applies only to Swanz Thermal Tumbler Kokoro SY088 model.
  • One form submission applied for one thermal flask, please submit multiple forms if you have more than one thermal flask.

Thank you for submitting the above information!

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User Guide Download

Swanz Kokoro Thermal Flask

(SY-088) English

Swanz Kokoro One-Touch

(SY-089) English

Swanz Kokoro One-Touch Straw

(SY-089) English Chinese

Swanz Kokoro One-Touch Mouthpiece (SY-089)

English Chinese

Video Instruction

Swanz Kokoro One-Touch

Straw Assembly

Swanz Kokoro One-Touch

Mouthpiece Assembly